John Andrew Flooring & Restoration

John Andrew Flooring & Restoration is a family owned and operated business with its roots deeply entrenched in the community. The company was founded in 1996 by John Andrew Asciutto; with the simple idea of bringing back craftsmanship and customer service to the hardwood flooring industry. An idea that had John both working and selling all the jobs; and his girlfriend (Caprice) answering calls and maintaining the company books. It was hard work and a focus on customer satisfaction that allowed the business to survive during the first tentative years. A reputation for dealing with customers honestly and providing true craftsmanship is what helped the business to flourished and grow.

Although some things about the business have changed in the last 8 years, the simple idea of craftsmanship and customer focus has remained the same. John Andrew is no longer the only person working on the jobs, but now leads the teams to ensure control and quality. Caprice is now John’s wife and she answers the cries of their two children and not the telephones; but still is involved in company decisions. The business has been able to move out of the garage and into a showroom located in Acworth, where a greater range of services are available. The fact that John Andrew Flooring, Inc. is a family business, with a certain responsibility to guard the family name, will always stay the same.

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