lg_pine_antiqueheartWood Species: Antique Heart Pine (Pinus spp.)

Appearance: Top portion is finished with water-base finish; bottom with oil-based finish.

Color: Heartwood is yellow after cutting & turns deep pinkish tan to warm reddish brown within weeks due to high resin content. Sapwood remains yellow, with occasional blue-black sap stain.

Grain: Dense, with high figuring. Plainsawn is swirled; rift- or quartersawn is primarily pinstriped. Curly or burl grain is rare.

Variations Within Species And Grades: Moderate color variation.


  • Sawing/Machining: Good machining and hand-tooling qualities.
  • Sanding: Tendency to clog paper due to high resin content; Abrasives will need to be changed frequently during sanding. Beginning with a coarse grade is recommended.
  • Nailing: No known problems.
  • Finishing: May be difficult to stain. To reduce the wood’s tendency to repel finish coats, surface resins may be removed with a 100% pure (not recycled) solvent that is compatibel with the finish to be used. Do not use water.

Comments Origin: North America. Often recovered from structural timers in pre-1900 warehouses & factories, or as sunken logs from river bottoms.

Properties: Hardness/Janka: Janka:1225; (5% softer than Northern red oak).

Dimensional Stability: Values can vary greatly due to the variety of species and ages used.

Availability: Limited